The Lost Boy


 He wanted love

But he was not lonely

He believed in miracles

But never saw any fairy



He was happy

He was one narcissist dude

Everyone around him felt like

He belonged to them and only to their group



He had different views

But he never wanted them to be proved

He wanted to  try out different paths

Just to see which path has got more happiness

Not just rubble and shit dumped on the tracks



He wanted to help everybody out

People always thought he was pretending

But no, the dude was playing simple not smart

He really wanted to know everybody inside out

Even though some people thought it was crazy



He was sensitive

He could feel people’s shit out

But only his homies were there to help him

Whenever he was knocked out or plain down


He was one lost boy

He thought he was from some different land

Because he can’t figure out why people hurt each other

When there is so much to be shared


He wanted to be the guy

Everyone looks up to whenever they were down

But in his quest he lost track of time

And was found resting 6 feet under with his favorites short up his arse


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