Untitled were
The pages of my life
I started filling them without thinking twice
I realized I was being stupid
Filling everything without thinking

But it was too late
I was down to the middle of the page
There was only so much left space to write
I couldn’t build castles for my bride..
I could only write a thing or two
But that won’t be enough for two

So it was then I decided
Will live my life alone
Will not let anyone come
Near my heart’s throne
Will always be master of my own universe.
Because I wrote my destiny with my bare hands..
It was all my doing for which now I will have to take a stand

May be someday I will get an extra sheet
To fill my life with more things that I need.
Till then life will go as it is..
I will not complain or crib about anything
Will live my life till I get extinct..

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